Mother the Studio's collections exist to be a vessel of self-expression for our customers. It is important to recognize that the most pure and beautiful form of expression is one rooted deeply in honesty, love, and integrity. With these standards, there is no room for greed or the neglect of the sacred responsibility we have to humanity, the soil that feeds us, and the water that hydrates us.

    There is only one way to run a good fashion company. Essentially, people must be put over profit, excellence over expedience, and planet over paycheque. Trends come and go, but these principles are timeless and non-negotiable at Mother the Studio. 

    To ensure ethical production, we produce everything in-house in Bend, Oregon

      Sustainability is a word that has been used and abused, so what does it mean to us? We try to take a holistic approach to fashion by...

      • Not using synthetic fabrics, ever. 
      • Using fabrics that are not filled with known endocrine disruptors, unlike most fashion brands which pay no mind to this issue that has been affecting the health of unsuspecting customers for years. 
      • Opting for fibres that renew soil and surrounding land and waterways, not destroy them.
      • Small batch production to reduce waste.
      • Making use of scraps for miscellaneous projects and minimizing what we throw away.
      • Sourcing our fabric AND notions meticulously to offer a level of plastic-free goodness that we have not seen modelled in any other brand. For example, we use elastic made of natural rubber and organic cotton, buttons made of shell and coconut, zippers made of steel and organic cotton, etc. 
      • Not using deadstock fabrics. Though it can be argued they are better than buying newly produced synthetic fabrics and do come at a MUCH lower price point, they still create demand for unsustainably and possibly unethically produced fabrics because big brands know that they can still make money off of what they don't use. It is also usually impossible to trace the origin, quality, and composition of the fabric which leads to too much uncertainty for our liking.
      • Using predominantly vintage or thrifted items for styling and content creation that will continue to be worn after the shoot, not purchased new to rot in a box somewhere afterward.  
      • Taking advantage of local landscapes or personal travels to capture content to eliminate the need for flying whole teams to a location to do a simple shoot. We are extremely resourceful and low-waste for content capture. After all, if your clothes need 20 people to make them look good, maybe we should rethink selling them to every-day people.

      We also have partnered with International Justice Mission to help them free people in slavery and trafficking around the world today. Learn more. 

      We expect to be held to the standards necessary for the flourishing of life. Through this, our empowerment and boldness flows through our fingertips like honey, soaking each and every piece that we produce with sweetness and clarity. We hope that we can encourage many others around us to rethink how and why we consume and encourage increased consciousness in the market.  

      Much Love,

      Lex Baker

      Owner and designer of Mother the Studio