Customization & Commissions


At Mother The Studio, we understand that one size does not fit all. This is why we offer customization to existing designs in order include more body shapes and sizes. We will try our absolute best to accommodate your request as there is nothing that gives us more joy than sharing in the joy of natural and ethical fashion. All consultation is complimentary and non-committal. 

We offer customization to any measurement on the product's size chart.

     How do I know if I need customization?

  1. Take your measurements (bust, under-bust, waist, hips, hem, etc., whatever is applicable for the product of interest). 
  2. Check the size chart given on each product page. Compare your measurements to ours to see if the fit will work. For example, if you are looking at pants, maybe you see your size in the hip measurement but the waist would be too big. In that case you could order them with a waist customization. Any of the measurements can be changed and we are happy to consult you to help get the best fit. 
  3. After you get a general idea of the measurements that need to be changed on a piece, contact us at or DM us if you haven't already. 
  4. Our designer will help you navigate the process to get the best fit. Video call fittings or local in-studio fittings (Bend, OR only) are optional but may be necessary for certain pieces and alterations. 



Firstly: We are committed to offering your dream styles in a sustainable and ethical context. Please keep in mind that we would not quote a price that we didn't think was fair according to the amount of labour and materials required to give you a quality product. Most of the pieces and prices you see online cut corners and their unsustainable and exploitative practices make up for the gaps. Making things well in the USA with only the best organic materials is what we do and we try to make it as affordable as possible but we still have to pay our bills. That being said, if you cannot afford the initial amount quoted we are happy to adjust the design or use different fabrics that are more suited to your budget. 

Any type of apparel, intimates, or outerwear may be requested. We will let you know if we have the machinery required for certain techniques or materials since it depends highly on the specific project. Pictures, drawings/sketches and other descriptors are welcome, but please do not ask us to rip off another brands design exactly. 

To request a commission, please email us at with the following questions answered and any relevant pictures of inspiration attached. 


Type of project: 

Date of completion (if applicable):

My size:

Key features of piece:



Again, please do not hesitate to reach out with any inquiries.